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Digital Curriculum - Secondary

Secondary English
Different resources are available to cover all aspects of the English language from reading, writing, listening, and grammar to vocabulary.
Secondary English Writing Buddy is specially designed to equip students with the essential mechanics of good writing. It provides a series of exercises that covers themes close to the students' hearts to sustain interest and enable self-learning. Practical advice on improving average essays and good writing models are also provided to demonstrate just how easy it could be for anyone to become a good writer.
Secondary English Oral Buddy equips student with various strategies to help them tackle the three components in English Oral – reading a passage, discussing a picture and conducting a conversation. These strategies dissect what might be a daunting task into something manageable as students follow our step-by-step approach.
Secondary LuV English is a joint collaboration with MediaCorp where students learn using videos. Through LuV English, students watch videos from MediaCorp and engage in comprehension exercises, discussion, writing and speaking activities around exciting themes such as current affairs, medical science, and performing arts.
Secondary Biology
This channel contains topics that are taught in upper Secondary Biology. They are classified according to the 5 main themes: Cell Biology, Form and Function, Applied Biology, Ecology and Continuity of Life.
Secondary Chemistry
This channel contains topics that are taught in upper Secondary Chemistry. The resources are classified according to the 6 main topics: Mole Concept, Acids, Bases & Salts, Electrochemistry, Chemical Reaction, Experimental Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. The concept maps summarise big ideas and help consolidate students' learning.
Secondary Physics
This channel contains topics that are taught in upper Secondary Physics. The resources are classified according to the 5 themes: General Physics, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity & Magnetism and nuclear Physics.
中学组综合填空 是一套帮助学生掌握综合填空技 巧的教材。里头的每份练习都结合课文词汇出 题,学生除了能进行复习,也可测试自己对课 文词语的理解程度。《综合填空》还提供浅白 易懂的答案分析,教导学生答题技巧。
中学组阅读阅理解 是根据“O”水准华文会考题 型而设计的教材。它所选用的篇章内容程度适 中,题材和类型多样化。《阅读阅理解》除了 提供答案,也对答案进行分析、归类与说明, 让学生学习答题技巧。
  • 全新教学资源,采用新传媒影片设计活动
  • 活动融合《中学华文》课本的教学目标
  • 活动生动有趣,能激发学生学习华文
  • 有效提高学生听、说、读、写的华文能力
  • 专门为提高学生的朗读与会话能力而设计
  • 习题涵盖多元化课题,扩大学生的知识面
  • 会话依据会考时考生与考官问答的情景设题
  • 会话的参考答案内容详细、充实
Secondary Mathematics learning channel contains numerous animated tutorials, interactive activities and tests to help students learn new concepts and develop logical thinking and critical problem-solving skills.
Secondary Geography
This channel ties in with the current Geography syllabus and offers a rich variety of games, activities, and quizzes to test recall and understanding. it’s a test bank that is useful for both teachers and students.